Accra – Ghana Is The Best Place To Be


Accra, Ghana’s capital city, has many things to offer. From beautiful coastline beaches to historic sites and museums, there is something for everyone here. In this article we’ll go over some of the best places in Accra that are worth checking out if you ever visit this wonderful city!

Always on the Go

In Accra, the city is always moving. You can see people walking everywhere and doing something at all times of day. It’s a place where you’ll find people playing soccer in the streets, kids selling water on the side of the road and taxi drivers trying to get their passengers as fast as possible so they can make more money. The hustle and bustle of everyday life really makes this city special because it puts everyone around you in high spirits and good humor every day.

Plenty of Places to Explore

Accra is home to several museums and galleries, including the National Museum, Institute of African Studies and the National Gallery of Art. It also has many parks and gardens like the Botanical Gardens, Ridge Park and Labone Market Square. The city is also home to some beaches such as Labadi  Beach or Kokrobite Beach which are known for their natural beauty.

Some of the Best Food in Ghana

When it comes to Ghanaian food, most people think of jollof rice, fried plantain (red red), kenkey and banku. While those are all yummy options, there’s so much more to Ghanaian cuisine than that!

In Accra alone you can find an array of delicious dishes that will make your mouth water and your tummy happy. Here are a few of the best places to eat in Accra:

Nightlife Scene

To be honest, there’s no better place to have fun than in Accra. The nightlife scene is vibrant and exciting and you’ll find lots of bars, clubs and restaurants to choose from. It won’t cost you too much money either, so you can really enjoy yourself without spending too much money at all. The city is a great place for meeting people as well, so it’s easy to make new friends while taking advantage of the fantastic nightlife!

Enterprising Young People

There are a lot of enterprising young people in Accra. They see the potential for growth and they are taking advantage of it. They’re setting up businesses, starting their own companies, or working hard to improve the lives of others by creating jobs or finding solutions to problems facing our society today.

There are many young people with great ideas here in Ghana and they need support to make those ideas a reality. With access to resources like funding, mentorship and networking opportunities these enterprising young people can be able to turn their dreams into reality!

Accra is definitely a city worth experiencing.

Accra is definitely a city worth experiencing.

The capital of Ghana and one of the fastest growing cities in Africa, Accra has a lot to offer its visitors. The city’s warm climate, friendly people and rich culture make it an ideal place for tourists to visit and enjoy themselves.

Accra is a city with a lot of potential. It has great restaurants and hotels, as well as excellent shopping facilities. In addition, there are many interesting sites that you can explore such as museums, art galleries and national parks where you can relax among nature without having to leave town!

With its excellent infrastructure for medical care and education (including some top universities), Accra will be able to meet the challenges of tomorrow’s world economy with full confidence in its ability


If you’ve ever wanted to see what life is like in Ghana, then Accra is definitely the place to be. While it may not be as familiar with outsiders as some other African cities are, we think that this will only make your experience more rewarding! Our advice: don’t just go with what everyone else says—take our word for it and visit this city yourself.




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