Ever heard this saying before?? Inasmuch as it may sound hilarious and ridiculous it holds true for many reasons. Accra is the capital and largest city of Ghana and giving its large mass, one may be found wanting when faced with the challenge of finding a place to stay in this beautiful yet complex maze of a city. It is no gainsaying that Accra has the highest demand when it comes to places to stay, thanks to its well-structured roads, unique tourists’ sites and its vibrant and electrifying nightlife.  However, there are notable areas in Accra known or seen as the best places to live. Shall we begin?


This area is the main hotspot for housing in Accra. With its various restaurants, pubs, cafes, banks, and shopping mall. Its residents are quite well-to-do. They mostly travel in and out of the country thus they rarely stay in their luxurious homes. You are sure to always find a descent accommodation in east legon no matter the time of the year.


Remarkably like its sibling. Very much alike in terms of the wealth status of its citizens. It is home to very wealthy Ghanaians as well as foreigners. Even its not as famous as its older sibling East Legon, its apartments and estate housing make it very ideal for business owners and even international students enrolled at the University of Ghana-Ghana’s premier University.


This area may not be as popular as the first two but very well sought out by wealthy Ghanaians and expatriates. It has fewer housing estates comparatively but its home to good roads, variety of restaurants with great tasty foods, supermarkets, and a myriad of banks.


This is one of the best areas to find serviced apartments for rent. It is very quiet and serene. It has numerous excellent restaurants that offer finger licking dishes. It comes highly recommended for families.


One of the most famous areas in Accra. Always bustling with life particularly at night. Osu never sleeps. There are restaurants in Osu that run a 24/7 service. It has serviced apartments as well. Very ideal for middle-income earners and foreigners who are looking to enjoy the nightlife of the city. Most of its buildings date back to centuries ago and has many historical sites such as the Osu Castle. 


This area sits between Airport and Kwame Nkrumah Circle. Its residents comprise the crème de la crème of society. It has a few restaurants, hotels, banking halls and hospitals. There are a lot of serviced and beautifully furnished apartments here. This makes it a very ideal location for families. The cost of living in this area is quite high and yes Osu is quite close hence you are also privy to the riveting nightlife.

Well, there you have it! Finding a place to stay in Accra largely depends on your pocket and what it is you may want in terms of social amenities. Truth is, there is an area for everyone. 

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