Like many places, and by this we mean everywhere, real estate which includes land and any man-made additions such as apartments, houses, shops, buildings, etc. on it can be broadly grouped into;


  • Residential,
  • Commercial,
  • Industrial,
  • Land and sometimes,
  • Special houses.


Residential properties are houses built purposely for self-use or residence hence, they cannot be used for robust industrial or industrial activities. In the same breath, special homes often with ancestral or emotional attachments come across as sentimental properties whose owners are usually folks with unique social, economic standings, tastes, lifestyle, hereditary, etc. Considering their optimum use and health and safety requirements, commercial and industrial properties are those that its occupants are like the proverbial ants working round the clock, day and night, weeks and months.


Agents and agencies or real estate brokers, property brokers, realtors and our local infamous accommodation agents are the personnel, corporations,  experts, property enthusiasts, businessmen/women who by the day synergize availability of properties with matching occupants for a fee, i.e. commission. While the standard fees charged for their services range from 5% to 10% on the value of properties, certain occasions open up for negotiations and discounts just like many other businesses.


Unfortunately, many are of the perception that agents or agencies often do not have their work cut out as other professions as theirs is “only to receive-call and show-property”; but it is more than that and rightly worrying such perception and subsequent attitude from customers ends up costing them precious time and monies spanning from viewing fees, to unconventional hours/days of searching for the right fit properties to dealing with the wrong/fake or a fraudster posing as owners.


All these thus ease us into our main topic; how to assess and access the right agent or agency to guarantee you;

  1. up-to-date knowledge of the local industry,
  2. solid network of connections of property owners and developers across neighbourhoods,
  3. broader understanding of the local market,
  4. attention to detail to meet specific demands,
  5. engaging and establish clear line of actions,
  6. operates solely within an unspoken boundary of honesty and integrity,
  7.  problem solving approach to the dynamics of customer demands.


Spotting the right agent or agency in your journey to homeownership ultimately relies on the customer undertaking proper due diligence and having the right sets of questions, expectations and desire professionally to engage an agent or agency for their service. Some questions you can ask include; whether the agent operates as part of a team, the number of years’ experience they have in the real estate industry, and most definitely some references or referrals.


Research about the agent or agency online, check out their website, skim through their social media and read their reviews for details and information. Speak to their references to assess their track record, weigh their knowledge, experience, willingness and readiness to help.


Speak to the prospective agents to gauge your level of comfort and confidence to work with them, how polished and their degree of responsiveness. Speaking with them will help you to assess how well you mesh together. The homeownership journey can be rockier than anticipated, you will need a dependable partner on your side to help you sail through those rough times.


Any potential property buyer, investor or renter armed with these salient information places their best foot forward to having a great representation for their property purchase.


Floorspace Realty, like many other wonderful businesses and individuals in Ghana is well positioned to undertake and assist from the very first whistle to check lists and cross out all necessary requirements in line with customer demands and expectations. Thus it imperative for customers also to be honest with their search since information such as;


  1. how soon they are ready to take occupancy,
  2. your budget pain points,
  3. number of agents/agencies engaged in the course of the property search
  4. favourable payment terms and schedules
  5. the background of a trustee -either helping with payment, inspection, mortgage, etc.


These will best position your agent/agency to best understand the house-fishing-and-matching-process, clearly appreciate the level of efforts and work required to set the right expectations and offer you a personalized, hassle-free experience at zero risk to you.


To conclude, it is near impossible to buy or rent a house without a plan. One of the key areas to look out for is the prospective agent/agency, and to make out which or who you should engage we entreat you to look out for the following;


  1. familiarize yourself with common FAQs within the Ghana property market
  2. look for reliable contacts and information -about personnel associated with the business
  3. get a lawyer/a trustee to handle offline related activities
  4. double check the domain name and age of the website
  5. be proactive about protecting your personal information till bankable stages
  6. get an agreement in place/discuss commission before engaging the agency
  7. ask to speak directly to the developer or owner of the property in the presence of the agent and afterwards
  8. focus on building a  relationship even before and after the deal with the agent
  9. do all payment via trusted channels with witnesses
  10. call or email Floorspace Realty via +233 (0) 55 049 6399 or realtor@floorspacerealty.com


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