Kumasi is the second-largest city in Ghana, after the capital Accra. “The Garden City” because of its many species of flowers and plants in the past but not so much in recent times as the city has undergone a lot of development.  This notwithstanding, Kumasi still has very beautiful green areas.

I find that a lot of people grow a variety of plants and flowers in their residences and are not moved to uproot or fell these trees even if they overreach. It is indeed THE GARDEN CITY. The question is, apart from vegetation, what else does this popular garden city have to offer?

Generally, the city of Kumasi is a very beautiful one to visit or better to live in. However, for the purposes of classification as to which areas are preferred as a residence, it certainly depends on considered factors and/or conditions such as housing conditions, security, transportation or even access to basic social amenities.

Housing conditions vary from area to area and yes there is an area for everyone depending on how deep or shallow one’s pocket is and one’s preferred lifestyle.  For instance, you may opt for decent apartments in an area like Boadi. These apartments are not necessarily planned or estate-like and are quite affordable. Here, washrooms are usually shared, and co-tenants usually share the water and electricity bills. There are also self-contained apartments that are relatively more comfortable, but the prices are a bit on the high as expected.  Areas like Ahodwo, Odeneho Kwadaso, Ridge, Atasemanso and the likes have really nice well-furnished apartments in quite serene areas.

For any person visiting Kumasi for the first time, there are a lot of peculiarities that are bound to strike you. There is quite a contrast between life in the capital and in Kumasi.

First, is the language-Twi. Unlike Accra where you will find a lot of people speaking English even with some struggle, the good people of Kumasi adhere strictly to their language, and it is very rare, highly rare to find an indigenous Kumasi person speaking even a single word of English.

Another feature likely to catch your attention is the proliferation of hawking.  Ashantis are well known for their disposition to trading. The heart of Kumasi; Adum and Kejetia will just blow your mind. Mind you, your bargaining skills will need some brushing up because these guys are pros and have been at it for a very long time.

Greeting! A must in Kumasi and your password to accessing all areas and aspects. The people of Kumasi really respond well to greetings. It portrays how polite and well brought up one is. In fact, you will enjoy more cooperation from the locals by greeting. A quick tip: if you don’t speak the language, kindly stick to the ‘good mornings and good afternoons’. It is certainly easier that way.

Adding to the above, there are a lot of beautiful sites to see when you visit the garden city. There is the Manhyia Palace Museum, Cultural Centre, Kumasi Zoo, Lake Bosomtwi and many more.

I cannot overemphasize how calm a city and easy-going Kumasi is as compared to Accra. So whether you are looking for a place to make your habitation or just a place to visit and see sights, choose the garden city, you will not regret it.

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