East Legon Hills Properties Value Projected To Go Up


An open secret about land or property investment is, -a property which is not making money for you is a dead asset; but having it at a prime or developing area appreciates in a matter of time at Accra.

A case in point is lands at Cantonments, Airport Hills, Airport Residential Areas, Labone, Osu, etc., where it commands millions of dollars to even get smaller portion.

Again, buying a property for self-occupation is not investing since that’s where you will live and you will probably never sell it.

Investing into property is means you will buy a property, let it appreciate and then sell for profit. Meanwhile, you may also lease it out for rental income. This is investment.

So should you fall into any of these two categories, whatever you are into, we strategically advise you to consider as a matter of great tact and speed consider getting in on the East Legon Hills properties because of the following:

Upgrade is currently underway to get a bridge to hold asphaltic roads on top of a dualize road from Santeo-Ashaiman to Ashaley Botwey School junction.

Multiple accessible road network with links to East Legon and Ashaley-Boteey Madina/Adenta area, West Trasacco, Oyibi through Katamanso, Tema via Ashaiman.

Well planned and modern style estate developments and multiple housing projects is on the increase, making property values grow within the East Legon Hills community.

One of the key spaces or areas available for majority of the citizens and non-citizens to buy properties as all areas are already developed and available house and lands cost millions of dollars.

Though it very possible that you may not need to buy a house or land, high returns  over a period can offer you  upgrade_ should you wish to go up the life style or downgrade when there is financial difficulty.

Currently, East Legon Hills area has become hot property zone by top industry players and savvy investors, let get you a great buy there today.

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